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The Origin Of The Blue Lake

North Halmahera Earth handy precisely in the region are Galela village Lisawa, amidstthe tranquility of living and population rarity (only consists of a few houses or dadaru),Lisawa residents snapped up an uproar with the discovery of water suddenly came outfrom between the rocks the hot lava freezing results. Water inundated it then formeda telaga. The water is clear blue in colour and is under the lush Banyan trees. This incident made the confused residents. They wonder where is the origin of the water?Is this a blessing or indication that something bad will happen. What the hell makesthis phenomenon occur?

News about the formation of the Lake also gets around quickly. Especially in that areabelongs to hard water. Various ways to uncover a sense of curious residents.Ceremony held to reveal the mystery of the little lake. Search by custom ritual of the calling of the spirits of the ancestors to the worship of Jou Giki Moi or Jou maduhutu(the one true God, or God the creator) was done.

The customary ritual events generate answers "arising from Sininga irogi de itepiSidago dalulu de Congo i imadadi ake majobubu uhi" (arising from the result ofbroken hearts broken-mute, shed tears, flowing and flowing into the source of the springs).

Dolodolo (slit drum) are emitted as a gesture to all the inhabitants of the hamlet ofLisawa gathered. They are rushing to come and listen to the results to be delivered by the indigenous Elders. The atmosphere was transformed into silence. Only the sound of the wind and rumble interfere sigh a breath of sound.

With the full authority of the indigenous elders asks "who among you is not presentbut also are not at home". The inhabitants began to look at each other. Each busycounting the number of members of his family. That is not much of it is easy to note that there are two families who lost members. Because of the reluctance to mentionthe name of the second son, they just say hello with the common people are Galelacalls the Majojaru (Miss) and Magohiduuru (nyong). At first blush, they tell storiesabout the second child.

lake blue
Majojaru is two days away from home and has not yet returned. Relatives and friendshave been contacted but have not also any news story. It can be said that the departure of Majojaru is still a mystery. News from Magohiduuru parents said thattheir children had six months left to wander into the land of people but has not yetany news when it will be back.

Majojaru and Magohiduuru are a pair of lovers. When Magohiduuru asked permissionto go abroad, they have promised to remain sehidup-semati. In fact, even though theseasons change, months and years have passed but the relationship and the love they will once and for all. If not it is better to die than live bear lie.

Six months since the departure of Magohiduuru, Majojaru remained faithful await.However, the storm apparently shattered ships anchored in the middle of the loveuntouched edged it.

News about Magohiduuru finally sounded in the hamlet of Lisawa. Like being struck by lightning disiang bolong Majojaru crashing and falling terjerembab. He seemedincredulous when hearing that Magohiduuru so balaeng deng nona full. A promise tosehidup-semati seems to backfire from death.

In a State that is not very excited Majojaru trying to find a shelter while soothing his heart. He also sat in the shade under the Banyan tree while lamenting her love story.

The unstoppable tears, like the dikes and levees that regardless, the water continues to flow through a detailed, sharp rocks and sank the inundated under the Banyan tree.Majojaru finally sunk by her own tears.

A small lake was formed. The water is clear and the color of tears sebiru pupil eyesMiss endo Lisawa. Residents of the hamlet of Lisawa any mourning. They promised tokeep and maintain a well from which they named Lake blue.

(North Halmahera Folk Legends retold by Theo s. Sosebeko)

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