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The Legend Of The Stone Of Tears

Expression in the hills away from the village, in the area of Borneo, there lived a poor widow and a daughter.

Girl's widow very pretty dainty. But alas, he had a very bad behavior. The girl is verylazy, never helps his mother do housework. It works simply preen each day.

In addition to Slacker girl's child, his spoiled all. All request must be obeyed. Every time he asks for something to his mother should be granted, regardless of the circumstances of her mother's poor, the daily Drudge should seek sesuap rice.

One day the girl's mother brought the child down to the village for shopping. Location of the village was very much a market, so they have to walk a pretty exhausting. Childgirl goes pitch by wearing good clothes and preen in the way so that people who look at it later will admire her beauty. While his mother walked behind while carryingbasket with clothes so filthy. Because they live in remote, no one knowing that the twowomen who run it are mother and daughter.

When they entered the village, village people staring at them. They are so fascinatedto see the beauty of the girl's child, especially the youth of the village that is not puas-puasnya looked at the girl's face. However when looking at the people walking behindthe girl, it contrasts the situation. It makes one wonder.

Among those who saw it, a young man approached and asked the girl, "Hi, beautiful girl. Whether it's running behind your mother? "

However, what answer the girl's child?

"No," she says with a swagger. "He is my helper!"

The Stone Of Tears
Both mother and son were then continued the journey. Just how far, approachedagain and asked a young girl's child.

"Hi, sweetie. Whether running in full cry after you did your mother? "

"No, no," replied the girl with her head turned. "He is a slave!"

That's how every girl met someone along the way who asked about her mother, always answer it. His mother being treated as servants or his servants.

At first hearing the answers his daughter's rebellious people if asked, the mother can still resist. However, after he had heard the same answer repeatedly and very painfulliver, eventually the mother that the poor could not refrain. The mother pray.

"O Lord, the servant is not strongly resist this humiliation. Children of slaves soteganya treat yourself a servant in such a way. Yes, God grant this rebellious childpunishment! The law her. ... "

Of the powers of God Almighty, that perfidious girl body slowly turned to stone. That change begins from the feet. When that change has reached half the body of the girl'schild crying, begging forgiveness to his mother.

"Oh Mom ..." Mrs.. Please forgive me, forgive your disobedience during this time. The mother ... Mother ... forgive my son.. " The girl child continued to wail and cryappealed to her mother. 

However, it is too late. The girl's body was finally turned into a stone. Though into stone, but one can see that his eyes are still moved to tears, like he was crying. Therefore, the rock of coming from the girl who got her mother's cursewas called "stone of Tears".

So the story of this legend, which is shaped by local people believed that the story it really never happened. Anyone who disobeys the biological mother has given birth toand raised him, must act of contrition, it will get a punishment from God Almighty.

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