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Frugal Vacation Tips to the Togian Islands National Park, Central Sulawesi

Togian Islands Marine National Park (Togian) is located in the Gulf of Tomini andincluded in the Regency Tojo Una-una, Central Sulawesi province. The beauty of softwhite sandy beaches and its nature has been able to enchant thousands of foreigntourists to visit it.

1. Transport

You can reach the Togian with two alternative routes, namely Gorontalo via or via the hammer. From Gorontalo, Jalaluddin Airport you can rent a vehicle to reach the port of Gorontalo and then continue the journey by ferry Tomini Tuna to Wakai, Togian.Nevertheless, she was just setting off on Tuesday and Friday around 6 pm WITA withtravel time approximately 12 hours.

In addition to that of Indonesia, you can also reach the Togian (Dolong Waleakodi) viaBumbulan Paguat in Gorontalo District for about 3 hours drive from the city ofGorontalo. Then You take the Clove Afo that departs every Monday and Thursday08.00 WITA. A shorter journey time, which is about a 6 hour drive.

For the route to Togian via hammer, from Mutiara Palu Aljufri SIS, you must take the bus or travel to the Ampana via Poso (375 Km) and it takes about 10 hours. FromAmpana, just climb aboard Puspita Sari or Lumbalumba towards Wakai, with a journey time of around 4-5 hour drive. Both ships it operates every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at around 10:00. In addition, you can also take a ferry which leaves fromTomini Tuna Ampana every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday at the same with both of the previous ships.

The easiest and cheapest route that so many people choose it is via Indonesia by ferryTomini Tuna. You do not need to travel very far inland. But you have to allocate the time pretty much. If You leave or time off is limited, you can pass a hammer which hasa schedule of departure of the vessel.

togian island

Note: you must confirm with the owner of the accommodation in the Togian Islandsabout your goals, Wakai or Dolong. Generally, tourists boarded the ship to Wakai.

2. Accommodation

There are a wide variety of Togian in lodging, from luxury resorts to simple homestay.If you want to save money on your vacation, then homestay can be an attractive option. Homestay rates generally cheapest around Rp 200 thousand per night with inand eat 3 times a day. One of the uniqueness of the accommodation facilities arealready included the Togian packed as much as 3 times a day as well as coffee and tea. However, the rental rates are generally calculated homestay per person, not per room.

Because there are many small islands, then the layout of the Inn was not only being on one island alone. Each island has charms of its own. Pulau Kadidiri is the most famous among the Islands here because of the beauty of its beaches. Wakai Island, where you get off the boat, is the largest and has the most number of homestay. You can also stay at Una-una Island, Bomba, or Waleabahi. If you choose to stay in the island of Wakai, you should ask or set up local transport with them.

togian island

3. The activity of the

As an area with dozens of beautiful sea level Island, about 260 species of coral, 596species of fish, and dozens of other marine animals, Togian is the most right for youlovers of the beach and underwater. You can get around to small islands with Charterboats, snorkeling, canoing, or even diving.

Boat rental fees are quite varied. The boat has a capacity for 8 people, you can rent them at a price of Rp 550 thousand per day with Island route, Katupat, KadidiriMalenge close, and Waleakodi. If you want to see the volcano in the Togian, you canextend the route to Una-una Island with an extra cost of around Rp 200 thousand.

In the Togian, you will have a lot of time private with its natural beauty. You can alsoknow more inhabitants are friendly as well as culture. Weak internet signal in these areas will make you more enjoy holidays in the Togian maximum. You don't have toworry about being interrupted by e-mail or work-related activity on social networks.

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