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Temple on the slopes Lawu Older than Mayan temple

Lawu which is located on the border of Karanganyar, Central Java and Magetan, East Java save a million mystery.

Not only Lawu filled with mystery, building on the slopes of Mount Lawu even this is also shrouded in mystery.

Such as the existence of two ancient temples still be a series of mystery Lawu still got a lot of response from the local and foreign researchers.

The presence of these researchers generated a lot of speculation about both these temples. Neither of the shape of the temple, the stone used and reliefs.

Historically, Lawu an ancient mountain, and its existence is evidenced by the discovery of many temples and large stones in the legs Lawu.

Based on the results of the study of foreign parties, according to -Usual called Pak PO Polet, a figure very close to Lawu, mention if the existence and Sukuh Cetho is not made at the time of UB.

Temple on the slopes Lawu Older than Mayan temple
Lawu Mount

Even long before the era of UB's existing temple. When King UB find this temple, the last king of Majapahit was added bebarapa sculptured shape of the building or on the temples.

"Another oddity is the result sculptured reliefs contained in Cetho and Sukuh very simple and modest. In contrast to the Majapahit era sculptures in more detail as well and neat," said Mr. Po when found Okezone, in Ngargoyoso, Karanganyar, Central Java, on Friday (14 / 3/2014).

Another proof of age at the bottom of the slope of the temple is the oldest Lawu compared to other temples in the world, when the messenger of Mayan researchers from Latin America come to Sukuh in 1982 ago.

According to him, when the researchers of this virtual tribe came to Sukuh and accompanied by nature lovers from Australia. Were very interested and wanted to investigate further the existence of the temple in Inonesia which has a similar shape to the temple in the Inca civilization.

They deliberately conduct research to determine the distance of making the temple in Indonesia with temples in Mayan.

"They took a sample of moss and rocks for study in 1982. The results were very surprising researcher's Mayan. After investigation, it turns out Sukuh Temple much older than the temple belongs to the Maya," he explained.

Therefore, many researchers who agrees if temples in Lawu not a relic of UB, UB precisely existence long before there.

Not only that, unlike other temples, the temple just below the slopes of Mount Lawu here facing the Qibla direction or toward the west. While most of the other temples in Indonesia are always facing east.

The location of the temple which is situated at the foot of Mount Lawu height is often shrouded in a thick fog came down with a sudden, has a mystique that made the curious to the viewer.

A very interesting of research on both temples are carved in this temple when observed and studied already forming a three-dimensional sculpture. It shows that the ancient civilization was already familiar with the three-dimensional shape.

In addition there are other phenomena that occur around Lawu. According to Mr. Po, communities around the slopes of Mount Lawu often see a flash of light (light) that make up the portal (gate) which comes from every corner of the temple is octagonal shape as the gate to the top.

"When the light Sukarno era often appear. Period Suharto was also frequently seen. However, now rarely seen," he explained.

And the people said to him, believing it was a magical portal or gateway. In fact, research from NASA, the United States (US), see the forms of extraterrestrial Sukuh it looks very irregular.

Forming an octagon. And from the side of the emerging light at certain times to form a point.

"For those who are often out at night there is the object itself that is spiritual tourism. It is believed that as an entrance to another dimension. However, no one dared approach. The problem used to be lost," he explained again.

According to the story, first in Lawu there is a village is missing. Even until now not been known to exist.

"What remains and is known only from the legacy stuff just like mortar, kitchen utensils made of pottery that is in use in the Middle Ages are still many scattered. Exactly in the middle of the peak Lawu," he explained.

It is precisely the discovery of kitchen utensils on top like a mortar and cutlery much made of stone, and is likely to come from the stone age.

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