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Gamelan Mark Ritual Sekaten Surakarta

Sekaten activities Kraton Surakarta routinely held to commemorate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad could not be separated from the existence of gamelan.

Gamelan Kyai Guntur Madu and Gamelan Kyai Guntur Sari placed in the Grand Mosque after Asr sounded week and stopped before the maghrib.

One of the courtiers named Parmo (65) explained before in place in the Grand Mosque, the orchestra must be taken from the palace.

"Because of the orchestra is one of the heritage belonging to the Kraton of Solo," he said in Solo, Central Java.

Parmo reveal gemelan lifting devices is not easy. Must clean born and minds. Lifting gamelan troupe will use typical clothing palace courtiers.

Gamelan Mark Ritual Sekaten Surakarta

Although there is no specific rituals such should Poso (fasting) first. What is certain is required in order to clean the bath only when carrying the gamelan to the Grand Mosque.

Parmo admitted he did not feel heavy and weighed down when lifting device gamelan, because he did it with sincerity.

For Parmo said everything is done with a sincere heart, inner and outer ngawula intention, God willing smoothly.

"Ning yen 'ngesula' (complain) even when carrying heavy gamelan instruments will feel," he said.

Parmo already pulahan years of service so the Solo Palace courtiers. Since the time of PB XII still east (young). Even had since the days of his grandfather, his family devoted to the Palace.

Together with around 150 courtiers Parmo lifting devices and Gamelan Kyai Kyai Guntur Guntur Madu Sari to the Great Mosque which is not far from the Kraton of Solo.

Later Parmo prick up lampah (signpost) will go hand in hand to bring the gamelan then to be put in ward Great Mosque of Solo.

For Gamelan Kyai Guntur Madu device is placed in ward north Mosque Ageng. And the Gamelan Kyai Guntur Sari to the ward in the south.

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