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Strange museums in the United States

Uncle Sam is not only famous for its luxury, but also history and culture. Among them, the United States has many museums that is strange.

Even so, some of the museum is worth visiting because of its uniqueness. Here bizarre museums in the United States which is worth a visit as quoted Stuff, Sunday (01/18/2015).

Moist towelette Museum

This attraction is located near Abrams Planetarium at Michigan State University. The museum contains a collection of strange and can be opened to the public, such as wet wipes from all over the world. Meanwhile, the oldest collection of this museum is cleaner box since 1963.

Dialysis Museum

Seattle has many unusual attractions, such as rubber wall at Pike Place Market. However, the city also has attractions educate, ie Dialysis Museum. The Northwest Kidney Centers opened the museum in general two years ago to celebrate the 50th anniversary as a center of pioneering medical treatment. Travelers can see the interesting old medical devices and photographs of some models of hospitals in the 1940s.

Strange museums in the United States
Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum

National Cryptologic Museum

National Cryptologic Museum is located 40 miles north of Washington DC. In this museum exhibiting the history of American spy agencies, ranging from books code used during the Revolutionary War, and the decoding machine from World War II. In addition, there is the 18th century password obtained from West Virginia. The curators believe it is the world's oldest password.

National Museum of Funeral History

Culture and history is highlighted in this museum. The exhibition includes artifacts of presidents and celebrities, history hearse and a full-scale replica of the station embalming of civil war. Other replicas in space 1860 square meters, includes a typical Victorian parlor to describe the atmosphere of the funeral home, and a coffin factory since the 1900s.

Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum

Vent Haven Museum has over 800 ventriloquist dolls, thousands of photographs of famous artists and a library full of books about talking with engineering techniques stomach. The museum also has a doll that visitors can try to talk with technical skills stomach.

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