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History vicinity most established sanctuary in Tangerang

Region Chinatown Tangerang has the most seasoned sanctuary in the city. His name Boen Tek Bio Temple. At that point how history development in Indonesia? 

This sanctuary was initially implicit 1684 and utilized as a position of love the Chinese group living in the fortification Old Market, Tangerang. 

Around then there was just fractional, or real parts of this sanctuary alone. Later, this sanctuary started to have an extra building developed in stages. 

In 1844 the first redesign. Also to celebrate the first remodel, this sanctuary started doing Toapekong festival. This festival parade of the divine beings and in addition a social parade and to deny fortifications and oust malevolence spirits. 

In 1875, a small scale sacrificial stone on the privilege and left of the principle holy place was manufactured. Sacred place smaller than normal was in the privilege and left of the sacrificial stone to appeal to the divine beings. A percentage of the divine beings who are in the small scale sacrificial table is among them is the Kitchen God, Gods Ranch, God of Earth, God of War and King Hereafter. 

As indicated by the Religious Society of Public Relations and Social Boen Tek Bio, Oey Tjin Eng, who is a senior in the locale, every sanctuary has a host separately. Boen Tek Bio sanctuary itself has a host named Dewi Kwan Im, which is alluded to as the Goddess of Mercy or Goddess Helper. 

"In the event that here the host Kwan Im, as the goddess of sympathy," said Oey in Boen Tek Bio sanctuary, Old Market, Tangerang, Monday, February seventeenth, 2015. 

Oey tell that this sanctuary was initially a private place of love fitting in with a Chinese subject Fortress. Be that as it may, since January 12, 1912 the responsibility for sanctuary has been turned over to the ethnic Chinese group and the fortress was utilized as a spot for social exercises of the group. 

"At the outset this sanctuary private property, then changed in the twelfth, 1912," Oey top.

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