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Removing tradition Birds At Chinese New Year

In addition to angpao in celebration of the Chinese New Year or Lunar, there is another tradition that made the Chinese when the Chinese society, ie, removing the sparrows.

Typically, the Chinese community ahead of Chinese New Year celebrations visited the monastery or temple to pray. However, some of the traditions of the church did release a bunch of sparrows in the monastery courtyard.

Chinese New Year
Furthermore, the box was opened by one of the church until one by one the sparrows fly into space.

According Awai, one of the leaders in the Vihara Dharma Bhakti, remove sparrows does have a meaning and a hope.

"We are human beings who should be free of problems, so removing the bird signifies that we do not continue terbelengu," said Awai as one of the administrators.

However, Awai said sparrows actually release this tradition is not only done ahead of the Chinese New Year celebrations. According Awai, remove the Sparrows is also sometimes done in a typical day or under certain conditions.

"For example, if someone is having a particular problem, so he took off the sparrows that are not kept chained," he concluded.

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