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Charm Karang Bolong Beach

Expansion to having a great deal of verifiable relics from the frontier time to the kingdom, it just so happens the city of Banten additionally has a characteristic excellence that is exceptionally delightful. One is Karangbolong Beach which is found not a long way from Anyer Beach . In the event that your finger Jakarta , then you need to cover a separation of around 140 km to get to the shoreline ini.Selain placed in Banten shoreline is likewise spotted in the vacationer kebumen , Central Java. 

Karang Bolong Beach offers a delightful ocean with completely clear shorelines of fine sand. Furthermore, you can likewise unwind on the shore while getting a charge out of a mixture of snacks are accessible around the coast. Karang Bolong Beach is constantly packed with guests consistently from both inside and outside the nation. Named Karang Bolong on the grounds that at this shoreline there is a substantial stone with a huge opening, which is the reason this shoreline called Karang Bolong. 

karang bolong beach

You can likewise appreciate the magnificence of the ocean with speedboat contract is accessible along this coast. On the other hand, in the event that you need other diversion then you can attempt the banana watercraft, that you are riding a banana-molded elastic pontoon and will be towed by a speedboat. Furthermore, you can likewise play a plane ski, joined by a teacher so you don't need to stress if later you slip or fall into the ocean. 

In the event that you need to spend the night, around Karang Bolong Beach additionally offers a mixture of settlement going from manors, lodgings and townhouses. You can alter the cost of the motel with the substance of your sack. This shoreline occasion inclination will be more fun in the event that you welcome a couple or gang.

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