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Culinary Hunting at China Town Makassar

It feels like there's something missing if a vacation not furnished with culinary hunt. In Makassar China Town, you cold possibly found food same as other cities, but here you will find different flavored food.

Just like other big cities in Indonesia, Makassar also has China Town. This Pecinan situated across Port of Makassar in around the Ahmad Yani streets, precisely in the area Irian streets, Nusantara, Sulawesi, and inside Jampe. Not far from the tourist object of Fort Rotterdam and Losari Beach. Is no so difficult finding China Town, because the distance between the main gates with the downtown Makassar is only about 400 m.

Culinary Hunting at China Town Makassar
If you visit this Pacinan, we will find old buildings with Chinese relic which is now used as the taxation academy building in Seputaran Lembeh road.

You can also see the temple Ibu Agung Bahari which recently burn to ashes and now has been rebuild. Not only that, you also have to feel the sensations shoppping at a traditional market at Pecinan. This market is so crowded towards the Chinese New Year and become the main destination for the peoples to buy their housekeeping needs.

Culinary is one of the main attraction for tourist who visits the Pacinan. In an areas more than 44 hectar, there's alot of food which is to die for. One of them is cakwe at Serui streets, dumpling at Bali streets and oriental chicken poridge at Sulawesi streets.

It's best for you to visit the traditional tour alongside with Chinese New Year of Cap Go Meh celebrations, because usually a carnival will be held into the annual event in the China Town of Makassar.

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