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Options Lodging in Lombok

Lombok has now become one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia, in addition to Bali. This place continues to evolve into a tourist attraction with the beauty of the sea.

The development was seen with the establishment of several hotels in Lombok. Here hotels to stay when visiting the island of Lombok as quoted Theguardian, Sunday (18/01/2015).

Alam Gili Resort

Gili Trawangan is one of three islands off Lombok. Unlike the usual bustling tourist island, Gili Trawangan free of motor vehicles and decorated by beautiful white sand beaches. If you want to get around the island, tourists ride traditional horse transport called Cidomo, or use a bicycle. Meanwhile, the island's tourists can snorkel and see turtles green and white sharks among coral.

Manta Dive Gili Air

If you want to tour a little crowded on Gili Trawangan, it can cross over to Manta Dive Gili Air. In 2000, the owner of Manta founded the Gili Eco Trust is an environmental project and become one of the largest coral reef regeneration program in the world. Therefore, this place has a wealth of coral reefs that you can enjoy its beauty.

Amber House Gili Meno

Meno is the smallest island of the three Gili islands and tend not to be missed by tourists. However, this place gradually increasing with the tourists who go snorkeling. Here are Amber House inn located in the most beautiful beaches here with coral garden full of beautiful fish.

lombok indonesia
Lombok Indonesia, Pict. Theguardian

Villa Sempiak

The most southern island of Lombok has a white sand beach is still very quiet, although now begin to stand up real estate, one of which Sempiak Villas. This inn stands on the Gulf Selong Belanak, where the sand with clear water.

Madak Beto Guesthouse

Sekotong is a beautiful peninsula with white sand and blue sea. Moreover, in these waters many stingrays and hammerhead sharks are occasionally appear each month from August to September. To stay, Madek Belo could be an option on the beach. Here, you can enjoy the sunset and snorkeling in the coral gardens closest to rent a motor boat.

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