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Makassar's Top 5 Destinations

Makassar, known formerly as Ujung Pandang is famous across the nation for its Coto Makassar, a rich, dark beef stew that is often mixed with cow innards such as intestines, lungs, tripe, and cow brain that once you try, the memory of the taste will make you crave for more. Makassar as the largest city in the south of Sulawesi is not only celebrated for its amazingly delicious food, but also its destinations that are both beautiful and historically reach, and therefore, we have the list of Makassar’s Top 5 Must See Destinations for you to explore on your next visit to the city of Dieng.

Fort Rotterdam

Satisfied with watery fun, you can then move on to the historical side of attraction. Fort Rotterdam, also known as “Benteng Makassar” is a historical site that represents the greatness of the South Sulawesi. During the seventeenth century, the kingdom of Gowa was the strongest and most glorious kingdom with its powerful trading area that was heavily fortified. Under the gripping power of the Dutch East Indies, the entire fort was destroyed and then rebuilt and renamed as Fort Rotterdam. Within the fort, you can find prison cells that one of them ever used to detained Prince Diponegoro. There are also other great historical collections relating to the fort and colonial era to give a picture of what was it like during that time. Its beautiful architecture is also a perfect object for your photo.

Fort Somba Opu

Built in 1525 by the Sultan of Gowa the IX, Fort Somba Opu was the heart of the Asian and European trades. The fort has undergone a renovation in 1990 and inside; you can find a traditional South Sulawesi house where you can learn the custom and tradition of Makassar and around.

Losari Beach

Losari Beach is the icon of Makassar and has been included in the hit love song lyrics for several times in the past. This beach can easily be spotted even if you never been there before, as you will definitely see the big signage saying “Pantai Losari” at the end of its waterfront. A complete array of amenities such as five stars hotels, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and there are also plenty of small diners that serves local delicacies that you can enjoy while overlooking the beautiful water.

pulau samalona
Samalona Island

A beautiful island that lays on the strait of Makassar, Samalona Island has been developed into a perfect recreational island, and with only thirty minutes of boat ride from the city of Makassar, Samalona Island has become the favorite destination for the locals. Clusters of beautiful coral reefs within the area of over two hectares, this small pretty island is perfect for snorkeling and diving, amazing underwater photography, and many other water related activities.

Makassar City Museum

If you want to know more about the city of Makassar, you can just drop by to the Makassar City Museum. Set in a beautiful classic Dutch architectural building, Makassar City Museum housed many interesting Makassar’s archeological findings, as well as ceramics, canon balls, photos of Makassar city in the old era, and VOC coins. Paying a visit to this museum will not only get you entertained but also broaden your historical knowledge of Indonesia.

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