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World Court of Jesus Found in Jerusalem

The origin of Jerusalem archaeologists discovered a site that became one of the famous events recorded in the New Testament: the trial of Jesus, such as that reported by The Washington Post, Wednesday (01/07/2014).

15 years ago, Tower Meseum David planned to be expanded. When archaeologists began to explore the underground layers in an old building near the Old City of Jerusalem, they found a place that became a court indicated that jesus.

Today, after years of excavated and delays due to lack of funds, this historic site was finally opened to the public in a museum tour. Previously, the site is first studied to know the truth.

"This site is a large part in the puzzle of ancient Jerusalem and shows the history of the city in a unique way and clear," said Amit Re'em, archaeologists Jerusalem.

World Court of Jesus Found in Jerusalem
Jesus Court. Pic. Dailymail

Moreover, for Christians, the discovery of this site is certainly very important. "For Christians who care about the accuracy and historical facts, this place is very important," said Yisca Harani, a Christian religious leaders.

The opening of this new site will certainly attract more visitors to the museum. To serve visitors, the museum itself has added several facilities.

Museum officials have started to cooperate with tour guides who are well experienced in the history of Christianity.

"We will continue to develop the site for visitors," said Lieber, Director of Education Museum.

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