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Bull Race India Style

Bull Race not only in Madura, East Java. It turns out that in India too have it. The Bombay Negri call Maramadi festival.

This festival is held every year often. Usually held during the post-harvest season which is approximately August 15 in the village of Kerala in South India. The animals were used was the same as in Madura, the buffalo.

A pair of buffalo is used for paddy parading then to pemacunya then was given a pair of buffalo thick wooden beams mounted on a round metal necklace that has been installed in the neck buffalo, as reported Happytrips

Bull Race Style India
Bull Race in Madura
So what's the difference with existing cow races in Madura, East Java? Apparently, there's the difference lies in the arena used. Where in India they use the new fields and fields that have been flooded. The rice fields will be used to plant food materials.

In addition, the male buffalo riders are two people but it depends on the agreement of the race. Usually before the start of the festival this Maramadi the entire village would gather in the arena that has been determined. Safe distance limits were also determined, though its function remains secure in the audience watching.

For a number that follows the festival are 30 pairs of buffalo. The festival is carried out during the day to the night ahead.

For riders are those who have been trained in the control of male buffalo. In fact, for the buffalo fed a special diet and trained before the game.

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