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Bosara Dance

Bosara dance is a dance that is a portrait that Boogies if guest arrival bosara always serve as a sign of gratitude and honor.

In ancient times this dance is often danced to entertain the king, welcome guests, traditional parties, and weddings. The dance moves are very flexible so good to look at.

Bosara itself is a typical dish ethnic Bugis-Makassar in South Sulawesi. Bosara basic materials derived from iron and equipped with typical cover such a large finger bowl, wrapped in brightly colored fabrics, such as red, blue, green or yellow, which was given a golden flower ornaments around it. Bosara usually placed on a table in a particular series of events, especially events that are traditional and laden with cultural values.

bosara dance
Bosara Dance. Pict. Billtkj

Besides being used as one of the tools used by the dancers dance area, bosara also served as a dish of traditional cakes are placed on a table at the event as a government official custom symbol Sulawesi, especially on special occasions such as weddings sacred customs.

Bosara used as containers traditional cakes and dishes, dijejer neatly over the short-legged table, usually called Oshin table. To complete the dish in the bosara container, put a small tray on top coated with colored fabric similar to the color bosara and tables. At the top of the small tray, put the base and small-sized flat plate that is used to put the traditional cake taken from bosara, then to drink tea cup and lid, plus a glass of water.

Therefore, do not be surprised if any custom wedding party Bugis-Makassar very closely with bosara, even this tradition, until now.

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